Sunday, September 11, 2011

Benefits of Tire Chains in Snow

When people think about a little bit of snow and ice, they think about avoiding driving. They try to avoid the roads for a day or two, until the roads are completely cleared, sanded, salted, and safe. While this may work in some locations, it does not work in others. Cities that see large amounts of snow cannot run and hide from bad road conditions - they need to navigate them on a regular basis to keep safe.

Tire Chains in snow are often some of the best tools for those who need to drive in poor weather conditions. While there are plenty of different reasons to use tire chains in snow, these are some of the major benefits.

Traction In Heavy Snow

Snow tires and tire chains are not meant to be used in lighter amounts of snow, or in conditions with nothing but snow. The tire chains may not provide the same traction that simple all-weather, winter weather tires may provide. Snow tires and tire chains are meant for conditions that are somewhat mixed with ice. They will be able to provide the traction that you cannot get with a normal tire on ice.

Breaking Down Ice

The major benefit of snow tires comes in the form of their power. Tire chains in snow are actually perfect for the ice that may be on the ground. The chains have the power and strength to break through the ice thanks to the weight of the vehicle. This makes ice less slippery and more manageable.


One of the most difficult parts of winter weather driving is the art of the turn. It can be easy to drive safely in straight lines, but can be difficult to keep traction while getting into and coming out of a turn. Snow tires help to give you the grip that you need to safely get through turns. While you may not be able to take turns as fast as you would like, you will be able to make them safely.


You do not need snow tires and tire chains to be able to get around on the roads during winter weather. These tools simply make it easier for you to drive around, as it cuts down your driving time. You will be able to drive faster than you would with normal tires, as the chains give you more traction.

Snow tires and tire chains are not right in all conditions, even if the conditions are bad because of winter weather. Understand that tire chains and snow tires are only meant for drastic winter weather conditions. They are meant for locations that are constantly buried in snow, locations that see heavy amounts of snowfall that stick for days or weeks at a time. If you do live in one of these locations and have not yet used tire chains in snow, you may want to consider doing so.


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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seat Belt Safety Tips

Many people take for granted the importance of the seat belt. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has shown in studies that a person is 50% more likely to suffer serious injury or death during an accident if a safety belt isn't worn. The same study showed more than 18 billion dollars a year spent in medical costs for those who don't wear seat belts. Each year the auto industry increases the safety requirements for new cars, but wearing your safety belt can go a long way in keeping you safe. Here are a few tips that will keep you safe while driving.

1- Passengers

Always make passengers wear their safety belts. Even those on the backseat should have them on. Many newer cars have sensors that will alert you if a seat belt isn't being used in an occupied seat. Simply don't move the car until everyone has buckled up.

2- Wear them Correctly

A seat belt won't do much good if it's not being worn properly. Shoulder belts should be placed over your shoulder. If this is uncomfortable consider investing in an inexpensive shoulder belt cushion. These will keep you safe and protect your neck and shoulder from the belt rubbing. If you have lap belts only in the back seat of your car, make sure any passengers are wearing them correctly as well. Keeping them too loose will end up rendering them ineffective in the event of an accident.

3- Replace Damaged Belts

Most newer cars use a material for seat belts that won't fray or tear. Even so, seat belts aren't infallible. You may notice some fraying around the edges after time. These should be replaced. Fraying is a sign of weakness, and this belt shouldn't be trusted to hold up in the event of an accident.
You should also inspect the mechanism that holds the seat belt in place. If this doesn't snap the belt in completely, you should replace it.

4- Children

Be sure kids are wearing their belts correctly. It's safer to keep children in the backseat. Children younger than 8 should have a special restraint system designed for children. These typically look like pilots restraints, and cross over both shoulders and snap in near their legs. These are easy to install in any vehicle, and are used with a standard safety belt. Babies need to be placed in a rear facing child seat and never secured in up front.

5- Don't Double Up

It can be tempting to put 2 people in 1 belt, especially for backseat passengers. Don't do this. They are designed to restrain one person only.

6- Myths

Know what is true and what isn't. Many people think that pregnant women shouldn't wear seat belts, but the truth is they are effective and rarely, if ever, cause complications. It's also not safe to rely on an airbag to support you during an impact. In fact, an air bag could cause more injury when deployed if a seat belt isn't also being used.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Benefits of Using Top Tier Gasoline

Most drivers find it difficult to choose the type of gas that they use for their vehicles, or simply choose whatever gas is cheapest at the pump. Few follow the instructions that are clearly stated in the driver's manual for their vehicle, and even fewer truly understand what is in the gas that they are putting into their vehicle. Top Tier gasoline is one of the types of gasoline that drivers should familiarize themselves with and be looking to use in their vehicle.

Top Tier gasoline is a set of standards that a gas supplier follows with their gasoline - not a specific type of gas, such as "Unleaded" and "Super". These standards help to set their gasoline above the rest, as it has been proven that the gas is better for vehicles in multiple ways. Understanding the benefits of using it will help you to understand why you should seek out this specific type of gas.

Understanding Top Tier Gasoline

Before working to understand the benefits of it, one must understand what this gasoline has to offer over the standard, EPA regulation-meeting gasoline brands. The entire system revolves around detergents in the gasoline itself. The detergents work to clear out the deposits that may build up in the engine. These deposits can cause a myriad of problems for the vehicle and for the efficiency of the vehicle as a whole.

Top tier gasoline features a higher amount of detergents than regular gasoline to attempt to remove these deposits. The standard for it was created by major car companies, including BMW, GM, Honda, and Toyota. The companies work with gasoline brands in an attempt to make the fuel available across the nation.

Fuel Efficiency

Top Tier gasoline is going to clean out the engine, helping to keep it free of deposits. This is going to allow the engine to work at a more efficient rate. When the engine runs more efficiently, it burns less fuel. It is going to give drivers better fuel efficiency, allowing them to get more miles per gallon of fuel.

Power and Acceleration

When your engine runs at a more efficient pace, everything in your vehicle can be more efficient. Your engine is going to provide more power to your vehicle because it is clean - the deposits that would otherwise be formed would drain this power. You will not lose power nor acceleration power because of deposits when you use this type of gasoline.


A clean engine is going to burn fuel more efficiently, meaning that it will burn the fuel as cleanly as possible. When you are burning fuel cleanly, you are reducing the emissions that you put into the air and atmosphere.

Top Tier gasoline provides plenty of benefits to drivers, especially those who own higher-end vehicles. The gasoline works to clean your engine, making it as fuel efficient as possible. Your engine will run cleanly, be more powerful, and provide faster and more sustained acceleration. These benefits of using it makes this form of gasoline worth the cost.